Healthy food & fitness belong together.

Healthy nutrition and fitness go hand in hand

Stay fit, eat healthy. A fitter life with healthier food.

The Braun Feel Good Guide for a healthy life.

Luisa-Maxime Huss

Luisa-Maxime Huss

I love sports and food – so I turned my hobby into my profession.

I believe that a healthy diet is a really important part of feeling good and performing well in any kind of sport. Fresh healthy food is the ideal fuel for your body. I hope you enjoy trying out my nutritional and training tips – and using Braun’s MQ 5 Vario Fit. Have fun!

Tips & tricks from Luisa

Recipes, tips & tricks from Luisa

Healthy food & fitness belong together.

Discover simple fitness exercises you can easily do at home and get nutrition tipps to kick-start your healthier lifestyle.

Braun MultiQuick 5 VarioFit

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Fit

Quick and easy. For tasty veggie noodles, fresh soups and smoothies.

Read on to discover more about the innovative features and accessories that make such a great addition to your kitchen – and healthy lifestyle!

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