MultiQuick 3

MultiQuick 3 Hand blender MQ 335 Sauce

Product Information

The MultiQuick 3 MR 335 Sauce hand blender is your daily advantage in the kitchen; chopping and preparing almost any ingredient you may need.

Configuration options

Product Features

Soft grip handle

Partly soft grip handle for better handling and improved control over performance

Chopper 500 ml

Chops meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs and carrots in seconds

Simple speed activation

Start blending the easy way – simply with one touch.

2 Speed Control

Simple speed control for single handed use.

600 ml BPA-free plastic beaker

The 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA free and features ml and floz measurement markings.

Blending & mixing

Universally convenient: either use it together with the hand blender to make a fruit smoothie or mix your favourite drink – or use the whisk attachment to beat eggs, eggs whites, cream or make creamy sauces.

PowerBell Technology

Patented hand blending technology proven to produce finer more even results.


Easy-twist, detachable shaft – conveniently swap your shaft with one of the attachments for quick and easy results.


Meats, hard cheeses, nuts, vegetables and more are just seconds away from ready-to-use.

Multiply your possibilities: new attachments, new options.

Versatility for years to come: tested for more than 6000 preparations – now in addition to chopping,blending, slicing etc., the new masher attachment and a French fry slicer expand your cooking possibilities more than ever before! Dishwasher safe: just disassemble and place in the dishwasher, no fuss.


Silent and durable 550 W German quality made motor.


Easily whips, beats and stirs eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.