What to look for when buying an iron

Become a smarter shopper and see this list of things to look out for when buying a new iron. If you just got yourself one, this is where you can confirm that you made the right choice. Whatever situation you are in: The name Braun on the iron is always a very good sign.


The material of the soleplate is important for two reasons:

  1. How well the iron glides over the fabric, which determines your ironing speed.
  2. How scratch resistant it is and thus for how many years it keeps maximum performance.

Steam rateSteam rate

How much steam does an iron produce? It is measured in grams per minute (g/min). More is usually better.

Braun Steam iron feature steam shotSteam shot

Does your iron have a steam shot that can produce more steam when needed for especially tough areas? It is measured in grams per minute (g/min).

Steam distribution

Are the openings in the soleplate distributed evenly? Is steam also emitted at the tip for effective use in hard-to-reach areas?

Braun Steam iron feature water tankWater tank capacity

A bigger tank is convenient because it makes you have to refill it less often.

Braun Steam iron feature easy refillEasy refill

Make sure your iron is designed to make refilling the water tank easy. You will save yourself effort and mishaps.

Braun Steam iron feature anti dripAnti-drip protection

Does the iron have a system to prevent water drips on the fabric, which may result in stains?

Braun Steam iron feature lightweight designWeight

Lower weight allows for easier handling and less effort.


How does an iron feel in your hand, how well is the weight distributed, and how easy are buttons to reach and operate?

Braun Steam iron feature calc cleanDe-calcification

You will need to decalcify your steam iron from time to time. Make sure it has an effective mechanism to do that.

Braun Steam iron feature textile protectionTextile protection

For ironing of especially delicate fabrics you might want the steam iron to be able to attach textile protectors for less heat while using full steam.


It helps to keep the temperature more constant while ironing.


A longer cable gives you freedom of movement. A flexible attachment of the cable to the iron makes it easily usable with either your right or your left hand.

Braun Steam iron feature auto offAuto-off safety

For safety reasons an iron should shut itself off when left unattended.