For lengthy journeys, it’s good to have a supply of healthy snacks for your baby or toddler on the move.

For lengthy journeys, it's good to have a supply of healthy snacks with you, as snacks bought away from home tend to be high in fat or sugar or both.

And remember, babies and very young children shouldn't eat in a moving car as sudden braking may cause choking (or at the very least, a troublesome spillage!). Whatever age your children are, make sure that an adult is supervising meals on the go, and always try to pull over into a picnic area to eat if possible.

Baby food on the move

A long car or train journey is not the time to experiment with new tastes. Go for established favourites that you know your baby is familiar with. The more exciting the food looks, the more likely your baby is to eat it. Use different colours, shapes and sizes to keep the interest high. When it is hot outside, try to ensure that food and drinks for your baby are kept in a cooler box with ice packs to keep it fresh and appetizing.

Wet wipes or a damp cloth sealed in a plastic bag are vital for clearing up the inevitable spills you'll experience. Bibs are a must too, either the simple toweling type or moulded plastic styles that catch the food your baby drops. Plenty of plastic bags are helpful for leftovers, sticky utensils, pots, cups, etc.

Toddler treats on the road

Children enjoy eating food that looks as though it's been prepared with kids in mind, so think 'bite-sized'! Finger rolls or sandwiches cut into small pieces are much more appealing than large, 'adult-sized' sandwiches that are also difficult for little hands to hold and control.

All the following sandwich fillings are suitable and easy to make with your Braun Multiquick:

  • Pineapple and cream cheese
  • Hummous
  • Poached salmon blended with a little tomato puree OR spinach blended with pesto
  • Tuna, sweetcorn and a little mayonnaise or crème fraiche
  • Cottage cheese and avocado and cucumber

Mini fruits and vegetables are a great choice for kids who don't want to be faced with a huge amount of food in one go. Cherry tomatoes (for older children), slices of carrot and cucumber, nectarines and dried fruits (especially those mini boxes of raisins!) are all good choices. Little pots of fruit salad are healthy and refreshing, and a variety of fruits adds interest for children on a long and tiring trip. You can also try easily transportable treats like home-made muesli bars that are not only delicious and easy to eat, but also cheap to make from ingredients that release their energy slowly.

Small pots of thick purees made before you leave using your Braun Multiquick hand blender are popular, particularly if served with vegetable crudités, breadsticks or slices of pita bread.

Take away drinks

To prevent your child becoming thirsty en route, remember to bring plenty of fluids with you. By far the best drink is still water either in screw top bottles, or dispensed from a reusable flask. For a treat, individual cartons or sachets of fruit juice make a welcome change, but fizzy drinks that are packed with sugar and caffeine are just asking for trouble!