MultiQuick 5 Vario

MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand blender MQ 5037 Sauce + White

Product Information

The MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand blender MQ 5037 WH Sauce + has a variable one-hand speed wheel for maximum precision for performance control - simply adjust the speed wheel with your thumb.

Configuration options

Product Features

Chopper 500 ml

Chops meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs and carrots in seconds

Purée / masher accessory

Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result.

SPLASHControl technology

Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.

Variable one-hand speed wheel

With 21 different speeds to choose from, precise speed setting guarantees maximum precision.

600 ml BPA-free plastic beaker

The 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA free and features ml and floz measurement markings.

Powerful 750 W motor

For fast and easy preparation.


Easily whips, beats and stirs eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.

Ultra hard stainless steel blades

Ultra hard stainless steel blades, angled in opposite direction to optimise blending results and reduce suction.

Soft grip handle

Partly soft grip handle for better handling and improved control over performance.

EasyClick system

Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the great EasyClick accessories.

Dishwasher safe accessory

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