5 signs of perfect ironing

How do you do the perfect ironing job? Be as fast as possible, with minimum effort and most importantly achieve impeccable results? At Braun we believe that there are 5 benefits in a steam iron that really make a difference you will experience again and again.
Meet the 5 signs of perfect ironing:

1. Guaranteed smooth gliding

This is all about the soleplates and the material they are made of. The soleplates need to produce effortless and smooth gliding over all kinds of fabrics. And in case you go over zips, rivets or buttons, they need to be as scratch resistant as possible.
Braun’s Saphir, Eloxal, and Ceramic ultra-durable soleplates assure an excellent gliding experience, for years to come and guarantee you perfect results.

2. Easy and efficient ironing to remove toughest wrinkles effortlessly

Tough creases shouldn’t be tough to remove.
The first thing that makes removing tough wrinkles easy is easy handling of the iron – low weight, perfect ergonomics and easy operation.
The second element is superior steam performance – steam pressure, steam rate and steam distribution.
The lightweight design and outstanding ergonomics of Braun irons combined with powerful steam levels make your ironing easier, ensuring the removal of the toughest creases.

3. Excellent results in hard-to-reach areas

Steam is such a big efficiency boost when ironing. And not just on the bigger pieces or larger areas of your clothes - steam is especially helpful in the smaller and more difficult parts that can be challenging to reach properly.
Braun’s unique precision tip offers you full steam exactly where you need it. In addition, its extra steam shot button guarantees you excellent results in hard-to-reach areas.

4. Professional touch on delicate fabrics

Ironing needs heat to work, but there can be too much of a good thing here, too. So what you are looking for is a combination of safe temperature on the one side and maximum steam performance on the other to achieve perfect results.
The different Braun textile protectors supply you with the highest level of protection for your garments and prevent shiny patches or heat damage, allow using full steam in every condition.

5. German Technology and excellent design

Even if ironing probably isn’t your favourite hobby, doing it should still be a rewarding experience that gives you perfect results effortlessly. And once you’ve made the choice for a Braun steam iron, it has to deliver extraordinary performance every day, for years to come.
Braun’s unique combination of first class German technologies and intelligent design gives you the confidence of using the best iron possible.