FAQS 7 - 9 months

  1. When can I introduce dairy products?

    By the time your baby is six months old, it is safe to introduce him or her to dairy products by adding small amounts of soft products like yoghurt, butter and fromage frais to food. However, cow's milk should not be given as a drink or used to replace breast milk until your baby is at least a year old. It is important at this stage to use whole cow's milk to provide adequate calories and vitamins.

  2. Can I give my baby herbs and spices?

    Adding a little pepper or spice to foods is fine, if you add it during cooking and not at the table. The addition of salt or sugar, however, should be avoided. Herbs are a good way to make food more interesting without any risk of being too spicy. Many babies also like the taste of garlic, particularly if their parents eat a good amount of it in their regular diet.

  3. When should my baby start to feed him/herself?

    At around 6 months, babies may start to hold or support a bottle, or grab a spoon during weaning but they will not really be feeding themselves without your help for some time. Most babies will be only too keen to grab foods and feeding utensils. Make sure that in early weaning, feeding spoons are soft as babies have a tendency to chomp down on the spoon tip and may damage their soft gums if hard plastic or metal spoons are introduced too early. By 15 months toddlers should be able to hold a spoon well although they may not be able to hold it level and steady enough from plate to mouth and the food is likely to fall off. However, these efforts should be rewarded with praise!