Most of us buy ready made baby food from time to time, but there's no better way to make sure food is nutritious and tasty than to prepare it yourself from fresh ingredients. The problem comes when you've so much else to do, as looking after your baby and taking care of the household takes so much of your time. That's where your Braun MultiQuick hand blender comes in, quickly and easily puréeing and chopping food for your baby or toddler, with far fewer splashes to clean up.

Items you will need to prepare food for your baby and toddler:

  • Braun Multiquick hand blender with chopper attachment
  • Storage containers for freezing
  • Bowls for food preparation

Other items you will need for feeding:

  • A high chair
  • Place mats
  • Baby weaning spoon
  • Bowls for serving – with suction pads to stop them being knocked on the floor