Når du serverer hjemmelavet mad, sikrer du, at dit barn får den bedste næring. Frisk frugt og grønt fyldt med vitaminer unded kunstige farvestoffer og andre tilsætningsstoffer, som en lille mave ikke har godt af. 

Preparing home made food is the best way to ensure your little one gets the best nutrition. Vitamin-packed fresh fruit and vegetables and no artificial colourings, flavourings or other additives that a tiny tummy simply does not need!

Baby Nutrition

Blending your choice of ingredients into delicious, fresh meals also helps your baby develop healthy eating habits and can provide a wide variety of tastes and textures and it's so simple! With the Braun Multiquick hand blender, most dishes take just a few minutes to create. Many can be made in large quantities and frozen for extra convenience and some can even be shared with the rest of the family - no matter what their age.

What's more, making food from scratch can actually save you money, especially if you make a large batch and freeze some for future meals. So where do you start?
The Braun Baby Nutrition Center offers valuable general advices, a range of suggestions and dozens of recipes. And when you're more confident about what keeps your baby healthy and happy, you can even experiment with some of your own.