Hlavní chod


Celková doba přípravy:
50 min.
Počet osob:


20 min.
30 min.
Počet osob:

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  1. First attach the kneading tool to the Pâtisserie food processor bowl.
  2. Then pour the flour into the bowl.
  3. Prepare a yeast sponge by making a hole in the flour, then add the yeast and 3 tablespoons of water into the hole. Let the mixture rise for at least 5 minutes. Start mixing the ingredients and add oil, salt and the rest of the water to the bowl, ensure the lid is on place and turn on.
  4. When you see the dough begin to form a ball, turn off the Multiquick 7 Pâtisserie and let the dough rise for 30 minutes.
  5. Attach the MultiQuick 7 Pâtisserie chopping blade, or use a knife and chop the tomatoes together with the onion and garlic in the food preparation bowl for the sauce. Flavour the sauce with pepper and salt.
  6. Chop the herbs for the topping.
  7. Attach the slicing tool to MultiQuick 7 Pâtisserie and slice the peppers, mushrooms and red onions.
  8. Attach the fine shredding tool and shred the cheese.
  9. Roll-out the dough on a tray, pour the tomato sauce on it and put the toppings on the pizza.
  10. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 200 - 220°C.